What we can do for you

Entelechy Systems’ prior objective is to provide automation solutions to make your homes, offices, and buildings- Smart, Intelligent, Energy Efficient, Sustainable and Livable. Our expert solutions deliver Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy, and Operating Efficiency. We provide solutions with wireless, wired, and hybrid connectivity that not only suits new construction but support existing spaces with range, reliability, economy, and least disruption to the customers during installations.

We are leaders in the field of providing smart and expert solutions for Lighting, HVAC, Security, Climate Control, Smart Building Communication, etc. Along with diverse turnkey solutions for smart homes and buildings, we also provide KNX certified training. As the first KNX certified partner in India and one of the largest KNX based solution providers, we cater to all your automation needs of any specific scale.

Services We Offers


Our experts thoroughly query and survey projects as smart automation requires diligent planning and basic awareness of client needs. We simply provide complete automation solutions to Home Owners, Architects, Contractors, and Interior Designers on Living Experience, Aesthetic Value, Safety & Security Plan, Energy Optimization, Electrical Plan & Design, and Sustainable House Design

We have solutions for all your automation needs and can recommend and offer some of the best technologies for your homes, buildings, or offices. Having executed many projects of different scales, we provide our clients with perfect solutions that suit their needs.

Design Integration

Service Support (including RMA)

We follow strict policies of service support and ensure that our systems function smoothly post-installation. This includes an assured RMA- Return Merchandise Authorization. Design Built Projects (only select commercial projects)


Keeping your smart systems polished and efficient is our responsibility. We offer comprehensive, non-comprehensive, preventive, and breakdown maintenance for all our projects.

To ensure you get the best service possible, all our engineers and support staff are highly trained and apt to help you meet all your automation requirements.

Education and Training

Apart from providing the best automation technologies, we also offer KNX certified training. The training center conducts both, Basic and Advanced courses for KNX Certification along with KNX HVAC specialist certification course. The objective of this training is to educate and train the participants on Home and Building Controls Technology.

  • KNX Basic Course with Certification from KNX Association, Brussels.
  • KNX Advance with certification.
  • KNX HVAC Specialist
  • Interfacing 3rd Party Systems to KNX World.
  • Home Automation Management course
  • Tailor-made Corporate training Program for KNX Systems.
  • Operation and maintenance training to an existing customer representative.

Technical Workshop

  • Interfacing 3rd Party Systems to KNX World.
  • Home Automation Management course
  • Customized Corporate Training Program for KNX Systems.

Solutions we offer

Human Centric Lighting

Unlike conventional routines that included staying outdoors under natural light, we now spend the majority of our time in artificial light. Hence the quality and processes of these modern lighting systems play a vital part in our daily lives.

HCL, as the name suggests is a modern technology that functions keeping humans as its central focus. The system essentially regulates artificial lights to function in accordance with natural sunlight. Curated with white tunable lights, HCL mimics natural light creating similar, but artificial hues in the room. This, integrated with a smart automation system, perfectly regulates the intensity and color of the lighting throughout the day. This in turn helps us maintain a healthy body clock which directly impacts productivity and alertness. Create the right mood with the right light for any activity and Use the sun to your advantage with automated blinds all at the touch of a button.

Daylight harvesting

A green initiative, daylight harvesting is known for its energy efficiency and sustainability. This method uses natural sunlight to offset the amount of artificial lighting required. If a room has inadequate natural light, the sensors immediately activate the lights. As an added benefit these lights are also installed with motion sensors that function only when anyone using the room requires lights. This method reduces energy consumption to a considerable extent and is gradually gaining popularity in the market.

Harvesting natural daylight eliminates the need to make unnecessary use of power-hungry artificial lighting. This smart technology reduces consumption and helps save a lot of energy. Not just energy consumption but it can also cut costs to some extent.

AV Controls

Having the right AV technology has never been more important. We have expertise in providing for all the audiovisual needs of your smart homes, buildings, and offices. We offer complete integration of AV controls with KNX technology which will allow you to stream all AV content across a single network and control it via IP-connected devices like tablets or smartphones.

We Offers

  • Custom Design, supply, and commissioning of multi-room / Theater Audio-Visual Solutions.
  • Custom-based design, supply, and commissioning of Background Music.
  • Whole-house Video distribution
  • One Remote Function

Smart Building Communication

Through our smart installations, we turn buildings into communicative infrastructures. Fully integrated systems, touch, voice, or gesture controls, user-centric functions make our systems user-friendly.

DALI Based Lighting Controls

DALI or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface is a dedicated trademark for digital lighting control which enables smooth, robust, and flexible installation of smart lighting networks. By making use of the wireless Casambi DALI gateway, we can extend your existing DALI networks or connect multiple Casambi Networks to DALI.

HVAC Controls

We offer all Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning solutions in a single integrated system. Manage all your heating and ventilation and air conditioning needs through smart thermostats, temperature regulation, air quality sensors and a lot more. HVAC technology comprises of various systems. Powered by standardized KNX systems it is possible to automate and combine all HVAC applications into a single solution.

You can now pre-set your room temperatures and manage your home ventilations remotely. You can come home to a cozy and well-adjusted temperature which will also deactivate when you are not home. This significantly increases energy efficiency and saves time and effort.

Climate Controls

We provide a holistic solution that is cost-effective and user-friendly. Adjust heating or cooling systems any time of day, even while you’re away from home. Maintain a cozy and comfortable environment through a fully automated and programmable thermostat system and integrated HVAC controls. Zone/area-based temperature regulation function, Humidity control, Air Quality, etc. make our systems consumer-centric and Save energy throughout your home without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Lighting Management Systems

Completely automated lighting control systems. The lighting control system is another aspect that reduces considerable levels of energy consumption. This technology can be said to be a part of the circular economy as it focuses on reducing energy consumption and regulating natural light along with Centralized Visualization with BMS integration.

Wired and Wireless Solutions

Here at Entelechy, we provide not only modern wireless solutions but also robust wired solutions for all types of home/office and building automation.

KNX powered systems are globally demanded and are one of the strongest wired automation solutions. As certified KNX partners, we install KNX technology in our automation solution.

For the wireless option, we have Casambi solutions that work on (BLE) Bluetooth Low Energy. It is the state-of-the-art wireless technology and the only low-power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future-proof low power radio technology in the world.

IoT Enabled and Data Collection

The automation system industry is being powered by two of the most fantastic technologies of the 21st century. KNX and IoT are powering and revolutionizing the digital space. IoT makes it possible for devices to communicate with each other as well as the end-user. Data can be transferred, shared, and collected from various devices over a single network.

All our products are IoT enabled which means you are equipped with interoperability and communication. The KNX IoT offers several benefits like increased personalization and customization for the devices, easy installation, and integrated and smart solutions.

Cloud and Remote Access

All our systems are programmed to remote access. Devices can be controlled remotely through smart devices like phones and tablets. Schedule your curtains to open at the same time every morning, giving your day a warm start. Open and close shades with one click on a smartphone/tablet. Adjust settings according to weather and save energy by sunlight-oriented blind controls.

The Casambi cloud acts as a central point for managing configurations and sharing accesses to networks. Networks can be shared to the cloud so that they can be used and configured from