Solutions We Offer

Lighting Controls

Manage all the lighting functions of your entire house, remotely and from your smartphone. The lighting is regulated (turned on, off, or dimmed) with smart lighting devices. The motion sensor detects occupancy in the space and regulates the lights in the room. The automatic light works according to the schedule set by you and regulates the lighting appliance. With energy-efficient controls like motion sensors and dimming, your home will help you make a greener carbon footprint.

Types of lighting control

  • Constant Lighting Control
  • Circadian Lighting
  • 1-10 V Control
  • DALI Control
  • RGB Control
  • DMX Control

Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions drives hyper-efficiency and self-sustainability. Connecting and integrating different smart devices drive future benefits. By connecting all elements under one roof, homeowners can control every device easily through a single central app. This allows different systems to interplay with each other and is personalized. With the increased dwelling at homes due to social restriction and work from home, making the home experience more comfortable than ever is the ultimate goal of smart home automation.

Home and Building Automation

Home automation ensures is that the room temperature is rightly set, and it is well lit when you enter the room. We often forget to turn off the lights or switch off the ac. But home automation does that for you and helps in cutting down on energy costs. In addition to that, the access control systems offer limited and restricted access to your building which makes it safe and secure.

Building automation includes automation of all types of buildings i.e. residential buildings, hospitality infrastructure, or commercial spaces. Building automation systems include lightings, HVAC, and access control. A smart life system of an automated building will detect minor or major damage even before it has already happened. Therefore, it gives a chance for predictive maintenance and proactive repairs.

Benefits from home and building automation:

  • Enhanced comfortable lifestyle
  • Improved security
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Time-efficiency
  • Performance Reports
  • Improved equipment life cycle

Hospitality Automation

Economic efficiency

A hotel building is for the people within. This is the only way to measure the value of what’s inside. Every day, development gives rise to performance. Providing an enriching in-room experience for the hotel guests and improving the energy efficiency of the hotel. Guests experience luxury with room control via Apps or Voice Assistants for their room.


The building automation technology can’t take a break. A fully networked building creates an environment that protects the people and KNX brings everything together. By integrating all applications, the result is stability for everyone. With a complete system, the management can count on it as a whole – and on the fact that everything is functioning safely.


As soon as the hotel guest opens the door, they are immediately greeted by a cosy lit room. All of the light sources coordinate with one another – whether they’re spotlights, indirect lights, or decorative wall lights – and also with the daylight controlled by the blind. A very warm welcome in an impressive setting. Details like these make all the difference when it comes to comfort in a hotel. It’s very simple for the management to operate and automate entire scenes like this. Hotels are more than just buildings. They shape the city and are sometimes a key part of the skyline. The aesthetics count – from the largest detail right down to the smallest.

Energy Efficiency

Energy optimization sensors eliminate wastage of energy by ACs in rooms and lighting in the hotel aisles, bathrooms, etc. The variety of options available in form wireless and wired solutions offer flexibility & ensure economical installation for both existing as well as new hotels. You need energy for absolutely anything you wish to accomplish. That’s why, for Entelechy, it is crucial to never waste energy and to make the most of it at the same time.


More power with less energy. With intelligent control, what used to seem impossible can become reality. With KNX standard, everything which uses energy can be controlled precisely, automated in a complex way, and consistently checked. Ecologically sustainable with new saving potential for hotels of the future. A safe future starts today with technologies that combine all energy-saving capabilities with quality of life.

Security Systems

With Entelechy’s smart home security solutions, you can make it safer.

  1. Door entry security system – A smart door entry system is the most important part of a smart home. It will not only allow anyone to come and go as they please and also monitor who is in the front door of your home while you’re away.
  2. Time-Based System – Blinds go up in the morning, lights go on in the evening and the television switches on and off – the possibilities are almost unlimited.
  3. Movement detection – Installing our intelligent movement detectors is like giving your home its sensory organs.
  4. Overvoltage protection – Smart doesn´t only mean the connection of devices. It´s even smarter if you also ensure the protection of your home devices such as your television, refrigerator, or computer.
  5. Intrusion detection – Our intrusion alarm system keeps your home and family safe and secure – at any time of day and or night. You and your loved ones can go about your daily activities knowing you don´t have to worry about unwelcome intruders or dangerous incidents.

Audio Visual System

Efficient audio and video distribution along with easy control are all you need to enjoy your music and movies binge-watching parties. Control will be very simple through a touch panel, remote, or through your smartphones. It will turn your passive speakers wireless and allow you to control them in your comfort from any room. Sync and enjoy your favorite music in the desired volumes. Different music can be streamed from every room at the same time.

  • Custom Design, supply, and commissioning of multi-room / Theater Audio-Visual Solution
  • Custom based design, supply, and commissioning of Background Music
  • Video distribution for the entire house
  • Single Remote Function

HVAC Control

Manage all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs through smart thermostats, temperature regulation, air quality sensors, etc. Energy consumption can be greatly reduced by building automation. KNX intelligent building control supports the user in optimization of the energy consumption and provides information to the installation engineering for optimization. With KNX (which is a standardized system), it is possible to integrate all HVAC applications into a single solution. You can now pre-set your room temperatures and manage your home ventilations remotely. You can come home to a cozy and well-adjusted temperature which will also deactivate when you are not home, hence saving energy and costs. Smart climate control creates a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

  • Temperature regulation function
  • Zone-based or area-based temperature control using Smart Thermostat
  • Master operation function
  • Humidity control
  • Air Quality Sensor PM 2.5
  • Wellness function
  • VRV, Split, FCU units control

Health And Wellness – Air Quality

Integration in major building automation and IT technologies

  • KNX – Apple Siri
  • Modbus – MQTT
  • BACnet – Amazon Echo
  • SIP – Google Home
  • MS Cortona – IFTTT


  • PM 2.5-10 Level Monitoring
  • Air Quality – With greater CO part thank VOC (it can be used where there are CO sources like overs)
  • Temperature which allows to a smart thermostat
  • Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Ambient light sensor with light spectrum sensor VOC for control of air quality


  • Form-Factor: we plan to have a close standard pushbutton

We put it on a wall (and not inside) because:

  • We have sensors that require airflow
  • Integrated ambient lighting

We plan to offer enclosures made of exotic wood, natural wood, gold/silver plating, painted and other designs

Communication Interfaces

  • Ethernet with PoE powering
  • Bluetooth Module
  • 1-Wire interface for I/O extension
  • Optional: EnOcean, Wifi, GSM, Z-Wave, etc. through USB stick

The other way of notification

  • RGB LED lighting allows using the device as ambient light as well as an interface device. E.g. red flashes mean some security trigger.
  • Built-in beeper allows making sound notifications
  • Built-in indicator/locator of swap zone