Myths and Facts of Automation!

  1. Myth: Smart home and building automation technologies are highly expensive.
  2. Fact: Return on your investment, within a few years, smart home and building automation technologies deliver greater returns by energy-saving and cutting operational costs against your investment.

  3. Myth: It is a complicated task to operate smart homes automation systems.
  4. Fact: AI and IoT are such technologies that once installed require minimal or no technical skills as it takes a lot of decisions themselves. It also becomes easier to optimize building operations, resolve any equipment malfunction, and reduce carbon footprint.

  5. Myth: Smart and green buildings are exactly similar.
  6. Fact: A smart building solution, also known as the connected building also focuses on improving the experience and comfort of those within a building along with saving energy and optimizing the usage of resources. On the other hand, green buildings are sustainable buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment, which helps us to preserve most of the natural environment around the building.

  7. Myth: Building Automation technology is for new buildings only.
  8. Fact: Even though old buildings may be using analog technologies, building automation solutions can be implemented in old buildings through the use of effective retrofit technologies.

  9. Myth: IoT is ideal for only smart home applications.
  10. Fact: There are a number of smart home applications based on IoT and AI. All types of buildings be it commercial or residential can be retrofitted or built to become smart and highly automated using IoT and AI

  11. Myth Home Automation IoT are the same
  12. Fact: Home automation is a combination of next-gen hardware and state-of-the-art software solutions to provide homeowners with complete control and flexibility. And IoT refers to connecting any device to the internet and other connected devices.

  13. Myth IoT Is Expensive
  14. Fact: Contrary to popular belief that all smart homes are expensive, in reality, they have a cost-friendly long-term return on investment. Smart Switches are a new way to connect your home. These switches can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet, or voice control and allow you to manage individual lights, curtains, electrical appliances, and more, improving user experience and providing comfort every day.

  15. Myth IoT Installation Is a Complex Task
  16. Fact: A simple installation of additional devices as and when it fits your budget. When it comes to the installation process, home automation products with sleek and flexible designs are effortless and can be integrated with your home quickly and efficiently.

  17. Myth Users Need to Be Tech-Savvy
  18. Fact: It should be noted that a vast majority of devices are either wireless or plug-and-play. And if users prefer the idea of using voice commands, adding a smart speaker to the mix can do wonders. Even though this may seem like a daunting task, all it takes is a few clicks to turn your home into a smart one.

  19. Myth Smart Devices Consume a Lot of Energy
  20. Fact: Surprisingly, smart devices do just the opposite. They are designed keeping in mind power consumption and are energy efficient. They utilize comparatively less power than conventional gadgets. Actual energy savings ultimately depend on the type of device you select and its automation capabilities.

  21. Myth Smart Home Security Can Be Breached
  22. Fact: For many consumers, the threat of stolen, personal information or the possibility of a data breach is another concern. Most companies take extra precautions to ensure that smart devices are tamper-proof, thus ensuring security and privacy.

  23. Myth Creating a Connected Home Is Not a Worthwhile Investment
  24. Fact: Smart home solutions also offer worried parents a fantastic solution to keep an eye on their children when they are away from home. On the other end of the spectrum, Home automation makes life more comfortable and secure for the elderly. And investment in any smart device has an immediate ROI. Whether it makes your life quicker, safer, or more accessible, there’s usually an instant benefit.

  25. Myth Not enough variety
  26. Fact: In this day and age, saying that Amazon and Google are the only names in the home automation game would be the equivalent of saying that the only places that sell burgers are Burger King and McDonald’s. This has led to a mistaken idea many people hold that they are the only names in smart homes, and while they are very reputable and recognizable names, this is simply false.

  27. Myth All style, no substance
  28. Fact: In this world of digital information sharing, customers are helping each other one review at a time. The smart home devices that provide nothing but flash and flair are quickly being weeded out by the consumer, leaving only the products that provide function as well as a form to rise to the top.