Logic Machine Ambient – BLE Beacons Wellness and Gesture Control

LM Ambient makes your environment lively, by making them smart, thereby functioning as a brain that lets you control everything via a single app. Logic Machine Ambient is the smart hub for all the connected devices and MEP systems. LogicMachine Ambient is installed with important sensors. LogicMachine Ambient can check the UV index and notifies exact exposure from the sun is necessary. It not only predicts your energy consumption but also helps you to save money. The Logic Machine Ambient comes in a Wooden enclosure, with a variety of textures, and LED indication, with gesture control making it not only the core device of your smart home but also the very own design element of the house interior. Important Features of LM Ambient


  • Air quality and humidity monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring


  • Support for all standard and multi-mode operations of motion sensors, reed switches, and safety cameras
  • Integration with existing security systems and creating from the scratch


  • All equipment available for controlling from one common interface
  • The visualization interface is adapted to the location of the owner
  • Interaction between devices and ability to create scenarios
  • Ambient remembers the habits and behavior of the owner.

Logic Contoller

Installations do not require additional outlets or wall casing.

  • Plug & Play installation.
  • Compatible with most equipment and formats
  • Gesture and voice control
  • Individually adjustable visualization interface
  • Integration with security systems & Audible alarms
  • Notification of emergency & Owner’s location indicator
  • RGB LED backlight

Integration in major building automation and IT technologies

  • KNX – Apple Siri
  • Modbus – MQTT
  • BACnet – Amazon Echo
  • SIP – Google Home
  • MS Cortona – IFTTT

Communication Interfaces

  • Ethernet with PoE powering
  • Bluetooth Module
  • 1-Wire interface for I/O extension
  • Optional: EnOcean, Wifi, GSM, Z-Wave, etc. through USB stick


  • PM 2.5-10 Level Monitoring
  • Air Quality - With greater CO part thank VOC (it can be used where there are CO sources like overs)
  • Temperature which allows to a smart thermostat
  • Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Ambient light sensor with light spectrum sensor VOC for control of air quality

The other way of notification

  • RGB LED lighting allows using the device as ambient light as well as an interface device. E.g. red flashes mean some security trigger.
  • Built-in beeper allows making sound notifications
  • Built-in indicator/locator of swap zone

Logic Machine Ambient – BLE Beacons Wellness and Gesture Control

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