EnOcean Powerless Switches. ( Made in India models)

EnOcean Powerless Switches are self-powered wireless controls that are simple to install and operate. The Double Rocker Pads uses EnOcean energy harvesting technology to communicate wirelessly with other devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). They provide convenient control of lighting, temperature, and other electric loads. The rocker pads are self-powered and never require batteries because the simple act of pressing the rocker generates enough energy to send wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Advertising telegrams to other devices. The Double Rocker Pads can optionally be configured by means of an NFC (ISO 14443) interface. The four target buttons can control a scene or an animation of the user’s choice as desired

  • Luminaire & Group control
  • Control all luminaires
  • Recall Scenes & Animations
  • Smooth dimming
  • Change of color temperature
  • Change of indirect/direct lighting ratio

EnOcean Powerless Switches. ( Made in India models)

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