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Lighting control is an intelligent network based lighting system that can make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability.

Lighting Control Systems are basically designed for Energy Efficiency.

Lighting Control Systems consists of relays, dimmers, switches, touch screens, occupancy sensors or photocells.

Obtain the ability to manage your home lighting from where ever you are in the world. Control individual lights located in different parts of your home all from your own bed, kitchen, car, of even if you are poolside at a resort on the other side of the planet. Home automation gives you full authority over your home’s lighting from where ever, whenever.

Lighting control and regulation offers optimum use of lights in industrial and office buildings as well as private dwellings.


  • Switching ON/OFF of Lights
  • Dimmers
  • All switching devices are rated for fluorescent/Inductive load switching
  • Time Based, Occupancy Based, Motion Based Control
  • Lighting Scenes
  • Logic Control Functions
  • DALI Control
  • Dusk & Dawn based lighting control
  • Constant brightness control
  • Day Light Harvesting – Optimum utilization of Natural Light

Lighting control with ABB i-bus® KNX features a high level of flexibility. This includes a large
range of individual control functions and their combination possibilities.

The following functions are available:

Circuit design
– Switching from one or more positions
– Group/central control

Control functions
– Function Dimming
– Function Staircase light
– On and off delay
– Timer control
– Occupancy-dependent control

Light dependent control and regulation
– Daylight dependent control
– Constant lighting control

Status messages
Special types of control
– Light scenes
– Panic alarms
– Control with DALI