Energy Saving

Entelechy Systems

Climate change and growing shortages of resources are the big challenges of our time. Efficient and sustainable energy usage is therefore an urgent necessity.

Scientific studies and measured values in practice show a high energy saving potential when bus technology is used in room and building automation.
KNX intelligent building control system provides its customers with a broad range of options for optimum
energy efficiency. On the basis of the KNX standard, energy in the double-figure % range can be saved.
Around the world new legislation is promoting the use of energy efficient technologies. In Europe, for example, the criteria for energy efficiency in buildings is detailed in the European Standard EN 15232; the allocation into energy efficiency classes A to D serves as the basis for the evaluation.

In principle, optimization of the energy consumption in buildings means

  • Energy is only consumed when it is actually needed (for example through the usage of presence detectors)
  • Only the amount of energy actually required is used (for example through the use of constant lighting control)
  • The energy used is employed at the highest possible degree of efficiency (for example through the use of electronic ballasts)
Using the versitile functionality that intelligent building control offers real energy savings can be made. ABB i-bus® KNX is making a significant contribution to global climate protection and at the same time reducing operating costs in today’s buildings.