Intelligent Building

Entelechy Systems


An intelligent building provides a sustainable, effective, responsive and supportive environment within which individuals and organizations can achieve their objectives

An Intelligent Building is one that:

Provides a productive and cost-effective built environment through optimization of its four basic components – structure, systems, services and management – and the interrelationships between them:
Focusing on the benefit of the owners and their desired indoor environment.

So as to maximize the efficiency of its occupants:
Focusing on the benefit of the users and creating desired indoor environment for occupants
Allows effective management of resources with minimum life costs:
Focusing on the benefit of the Managers and the environmental and economic impact of creating desired indoor environment.


The built environment should be productive, safe, healthy, thermally, aurally and visually comfortable.
The building has potential to serve future generations: sustainability, or adaptability over the life cycle of the building and safeguarding the earth and environment resources.
Financial aspect: the building can be built within some cost constraints whilst retaining market value.
The conventional solution: Many separate cables,separate functionality, little flexibility

KNX – The standard

The KNX system is the leading intelligent control system for buildings world-wide.
KNX resulted from the merger of major bus systems, including the well-known EIB (European Installation Bus) that has been successfully on the market since 1992.


– Lighting
– Climate control
– Sun protection
– Security
– Energy management
– Operation
– Automation
– Communication

The use of new materials and the application of renewable energies are considered as the most significant innovations in the building industry over the last few years.
The growing desire for comfort and functionality simultaneously with the limited availability of resources and increasing energy costs provide the basis for intelligent building control in modern constructions.
KNX interconnects all the components in the electrical installation to form a networked system and thus guarantees the transparency and utilization of information across the installation. In this system, all users “communicate” via a single bus cable. Thus it is possible to integrate all the different fuctional subsystems within the building into a seamless solution.
KNX bus systems can be used both in residential and non-residential buildings.