Hospitality Solutions

Entelechy Systems

Customer satisfaction is an important factor in Hospitality industry. The guests should not only feel at home but should also be in charge of his comfort.

Room Control solutions helps you cater to your guests’ needs, ensuring the smooth operation of your business and thereby contributing to the profitability of your enterprise.

In order to give a perfect room environment to guests, intelligent systems control cooling, ventilation and air conditioning – individually, conveniently and energy efficiently.

Intelligent building control allows all lighting-related functions to be combined in a single installation solution. This ensures intuitive and simple operation by guests, increased safety and convenience through, e.g., situation-based operation and not least energy saving through occupancy based lighting functions.

Room Control System gives you the flexibility of deciding whether shading is controlled according to guest requirements, based on the actual room status and usage or according to central facility commands.

Efficient room management, including top service for demanding guests, can be implemented with Room Control solutions